About Me

I’m Greg Bowie. I’m primarily a developer, with most of my current development being performed in C# and Java. In recent years I’ve moved into the world of web development and therefore have had exposure to technologies such as ASP.NET, JSPs and Servlets, and the base technologies of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

However I’m most comfortable with the backend of the web development aspects, and in this role I’ve had exposure to anumber of database solutions – primarily these days it tends to be Oracle, but previous exposure has included SQL Server and MySQL. In this backend role, I’ve also had exposure to a number of web servers including GlassFish and IIS.

During my day-to-day role of needing to keep multiple historic systems running I also have exposure to a number of other techonologies, such as Perl. Whilst not as comfortable with these technologies as I’d like to be, I tend to get through and be fairly comfortable at understanding what is going on.

My current employer is the University of Hertfordshire where I’m part of the team responsible for the maintenance and development of their in-house VLE, StudyNet. I’ve been involved in a number of projects, including the development of our Assignments System (Java EE, Oracle (migrated from MySQL), Timetabling System integration and I’m now Project Manager for the development of the Future Online Learning Environment.

Previous to this, I was employed by Liverpool John Moores University where my primary role was a systems integration developer. This role involved the integration of around 19 sub-systems with the University, transferring student and staff information around the various systems as required. This was primarily implemented using C#, MSMQ, Windows Services, Web Services (WCF & ASMX), SQL Server databases, all sitting on top of an Active Directory repository. Out side of my core role I also developed building blocks to enhance the functionality of Blackboard, and plugins for SharePoint.

Prior to moving into the Education sector, I worked as a C++ developer in the Automotive and Defence sectors.

This blog is primarily a repository of things I’ve learnt whilst carrying out my day-to-day roles. I developed it for my own use, but then decided to make it public in the hope you the reader may be able to learn from it, or hopefully educate me further when you see me doing wrong.

I’m also very willingly to help out with any IT enquiry. Go on, get in touch if you need some help – either with subject matter on this blog or otherwise. The worst that will happen is I’ll say I can’t help – but thats probably quite unlikely, especially if I feel I’m in a position to help.

Finally – I do have interests outside of programming. I’m currently training for my 3rd half-ironman. Triathlon stuff however won’t appear on this blog, nor will it appear in my Twitter feed. If you’d like more information about my triathlon journey, please get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction. I’m also a (relatively new) Ubuntu user and therefore some posts may appear describing my experiences with Ubuntu.

Just to be clear, this blog is my own personal blog. It is not related to my employer in any way, and  certainly doesn’t necessarily represent their views. Blah, blah, blah….

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @movingalong79

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