Java 8 and LAMBDAS

A little bit late to the party with this one. I’ve been keeping up-to-date with Java 8 (and 9) changes, but our enterprise servers tend to not to be updated early on (understandably).

However, Oracle ran a Java 8 MOOC recently (they’ve since made the videos available via YouTube). I’m particularly interested in the parallel streams as we have a long running process that may benefit from the new syntax.

An unscientific test on my own laptop comparing the standard Java loop (an example from the MOOC):

for (Student s : students) {
   if (s.getGradYear() == 2011) {
      if (s.getScore() > highestScore) {
         highestScore = s.getScore();

Takes approximately 469 ms to run.

However, using the new Lambda syntax:

highestScore = students.parallelStream()
                  .filter(s -> s.getGradYear() == 2011)
                  .mapToDouble(s -> s.getScore())

This comes down to 272 ms.

As I say, unscientific and a very simple use case. Be interesting to see what happens in the real world though.

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