Unfinished Business–Part 1

Baldock Beast. Its a local half marathon, virtually on my door-step. The 3rd running of the event happened last weekend (15/2). And I recorded my third DNS (Did Not Start).

  • 2013 – My wife was pregnant, but it was prior to scans so no-one knew. My running buddy had just become a dad, and his son had a bout of measles. Measles and pregnant ladies don’t mix. I couldn’t think of a way to explain not wanting to run with my mate, and with a slight hint of a cold decided to pull the ‘flu flag’. DNS 1.
  • 2014 – I headed into London for a Cage The Elephant / Foals gig. By 6pm the beers and shots were flowing, and I knew I’d be in no fit state the next day. I wasn’t. I may have sobered up by the Monday. Just. DNS 2.
  • 2015 – I’ve been slightly limping for a year of so. My right knee. It hasn’t interfered with training, but 2 people this year have asked if I was injured – when I felt fine (I think I’d got use to the limp). On the Thursday before this years race I heard those dreaded words from a physio – ‘I’d advise you don’t run’. DNS 3.

I’ll be entering again next year. Lets hope I make the start line this time round.

PS. Knee is nothing too much to worry about. A tight tendon that needs loosen off, a slight alteration to my running style and perhaps a change of trainers. Latest diagnosis was for about 6-8 weeks off. In better news I can continue to cycle and swim. No Crossfit for the time being either though.

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