#lak13 (Late) Assignment 1–Logic and Structure Assignment

Ok, due by the 4th March, so I’ve missed the deadline by some distance. But hey, its not graded and I quite liked the idea behind it. With a couple of deadlines passed on my actual University course I may have more time to dedicate to this MOOC.

1. What do you want to do / understand better / solve?

I’ve got some grand ideas. But I’ve decided to start with something relatively simple to at least get started. In essence I’m looking to identify the ‘At Risk’ student – ultimately so support mechanism can ‘kick in’ and help reduce the odds of the student dropping out.

2. People involved? Social Implications?

It would be great to have a team of various people from around the University to help develop the idea, but I’m not sure quite how I’d go about that. They’d have a much greater input into any missing elements / systems.

The only other major implication is the identification of the right person / set of people who could start the wheels for the support mechanism. I would imagine this would be a faculty / school admin person in the first instance, before probably being the course / module administrator for identified students.

3. Brainstorming – How could this be solved?

My initial trail of thoughts have been around identifying those students we haven’t ‘seen’ for a period of time (6 weeks by default – coincides nicely with the HESA return process). But ‘seen’, I mean haven’t accessed various systems, starting with:

  • Have swiped the attendance system, but not within the last 6 weeks.
  • Not logged into the VLE and / or accessed any teaching resources in the last 6 weeks.
  • Not submitted to an assignment in the last 6 weeks

Other mechanisms around library book usage could be identified.

4. Potential data sources – any issues? How ‘clean’ is the data?

  • Would need the list of ‘current’ students. Held centrally, a number of primary keys including the Student Number.
  • Attendance Monitoring System – Primary ID is the Student Number
  • VLE Monitoring Logs – Primary ID is the Username. But a username to SRN resolver in is place.
  • Assignments System – Number of primary keys, including Username and Student Number

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