A New Year on the Horizon

And I guess a look forward to some new challenges. One thing that has become apparent to myself is a lack of focus on my development of IT skills, and hence a lack of blog postings here. This has primarily been due to my Masters in Project Management taking a lot of my spare time, and then this year I also trained (and completed) for an Ironman competition.

Crossing fingers and hoping that my Masters now has 2 modules left to run and a dissertation, I’m hoping to now start thinking of turning my attention back to learning some IT skills to complement any developments next year. A practice I’ve done in previous years is to have a quick look at job boards and just search on a key term. This year I’ve chosen to look at Java. I really want to keep up with .NET but in my current environment its easier to get the latest tools for Java development. I’ll perhaps review the situation later in 2013 and see what provision would be available for keeping up to date in the Microsoft world.

Any pinching out the key words from the job descriptions a number of recurring themes seem to appear, namely:

  • Spring
  • Struts
  • Web Services
  • Automated Development and Test Driven Development
  • Hibernate / JPA
  • GlassFish / Tomcat
  • MVC
  • JMS
  • JMX
  • Oracle / MySQL
  • Multi-Threading Expertise

Some of these I know reasonably well, others I’ve only heard off in passing. I’m going to attempt to learn from scratch (to remove any bad habits) all the of the above, on a month-by-month basis. This won’t give me as a good a grounding as possible, but hopefully developing the knowledge and then finding application with come. The things I know better than others should give me a month of slight slack, whereas the other months might be a bit more intense.

The month of learning will constitute some kind of blog post – either an overarching summary of the technology, or a series of posts exploring the journey I go along.

Is there a key techonology (part of Java) that I’m really missing? Only thing on my mind is Android development which should probably get thrown into the mix at some point.

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