Scott Hanselman Power Tools

Ok, as per my last blog post I said I’d attempt to make myself more aware of some tools that my help to improve my productivity. As I do, I’ll attempt to give a brief review of them.

Please follow this link for Scott Hanselmans full Power Tool List.

Caveat – its likely I’ve only been using the tools for a period of a week or so – there’s a chance I don’t get on with them due to not spending enough time learning, or love them without exploring the full functionality. The likelihood though is likely to be somewhere in the middle of these 2 extremes!


Love it. Using it to write this blog post. I’ve also written a number of other blog posts with it. I can remember downloading and testing a blog writer tool on Ubuntu, and this is how it should have been – that’ll be one of my tasks over Christmas to try and find something on my Ubuntu machine as competent as this.

However it’ll remain my blogging tool of choice for my works PC.



Microsoft Live Writer


I’ve long been a fan of TextPad, but unlike my last 2 places of work, my current place doesn’t appear to have a licence for it. So rather than ‘continuing my evaluation’ thought I’d better make a jump to another editor.

I haven’t used this to the extremes of TextPad, but it looks like its got all the right menu options. I’ve done some basic XML stuff with it, and it seems to be up to the task for my requirements at the moment.





The most interesting tool this time round was RescueTime. I don’t think I’ve got an issue with wasting time, well at work at any rate, but thought I’d download and see exactly where my working day went.

The pleasing aspect was that it was able to work out programs that were linked to Software Development and Social Media etc…

The results are pretty good, indicating as thought I’m not wasting that much time, but I think there is room for improvement. I’ll certainly be using this tool in the New Year, and it could be a good basis for a blog post on our new team blog.



Rescue Time

One thought on “Scott Hanselman Power Tools

  1. Have to agree with you about Notepad++, I run this on every machine I can and carry it on a portable drive just in case. It’s an excellent coding fallback and just fantastic for log file or other data carving – wouldn’t be without it.

    If Livewriter can integrate with self-hosted blogs I’ll have to give that a try too.

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