Hudson – Missing Builds

A couple of months back I experimented deploying a Hudson Continuous Integration build set-up, and everything worked perfectly. Lo and behold I went away for a couple of weeks and everything had stopped working as expected – no known changes on my part.

Anyway, catching up with the backlog of work meant I didn’t have time to investigate, and then when I did have time I found everything to be in working order. Strange, but hey it saved me investigating at the time.

Today I went to check the build jobs again, and there were missing. After some hunting around I found that I actually had 2 .hudson directories on my PC – one off the root of my C: Drive, and the second in my ‘Document and Settings’ area. The jobs were different in the 2 locations. I can only assume for whatever reason an Enviroment Variable has been lost along the way.

The current set-up appears to be taking the jobs from the ‘Documents and Settings’ area, so I copied the jobs over from my root directory, reloaded Hudson and everything appears to be back to normal – well, for now at least.

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