Ubuntu – Playing DVDs

Amazingly for the 1st time in over a year I decided I needed to watch a DVD on my laptop, and to my amazement MPlayer (the default player with Ubuntu 9.10 as far as I’m aware) started and everything looked good. Then the DVD starting spinning, and MPlayer just appeared to exit. I restarted the process, with exactly the same behaviour.

I thought maybe there was an issue with MPlayer, so decided to install VLC Player, however exactly the same thing happened.

After installing multiple media players, so with better functionality than others, they all ultimately failed to play the DVD.

I then searched the internet and found this post: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2009-February/002422.html

By installing the .deb package linked to on that page, or here:


everything appeared to work, and I was able to get round to watching The Inbetweeners!

PS. Finally, I’m aware Simple Bug Tracker has been ignored for  while. I’m planning on picking it back on Friday again, or perhaps next Friday depending on workload.

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