Ubuntu – Full Installation

I believe I began this blog stating that I’d attempt to use Ubuntu as a default operating system. At that time I’d got a new PC, but due to other requirements I had to make it a dual-boot system (Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04), and set it to default boot to WinXP. This resulted in me being lazy and logging into Windows more often than not.

Full Installation – Disappointing LiveCD Performance

However I’ve got a new opportunity now to run a laptop with a full install of Ubuntu, with no Windows lying around at all. So yesterday I downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 and began testing using the LiveCD. To my shock Ubunutu took 13 mins to load up, but I decided to install it regardless, knowing that I was completely wiping the system and therefore could just clean install an earlier version of Ubuntu or Kubuntu if it was too slow. After answering 6 questions (the test your keyboard facility being particularly good) and waiting for about 25 minutes for the installation to complete, I’m relieved to report that Ubuntu now boots in around 45 seconds. 🙂

Applying Updates – First Complaint

I needed to install approximate 290ish updates after the installation had completed. I didn’t want to install all these in one go, more like doing 60-80 in each go. Unfortunately the Software Update Manager didn’t have a ‘Select/Deselect All’ option, so I had to spend sometime deselecting options.

Having searched the net for a solution to the select/deselect all, I did find that someone had reported this as a Usability Bug, so hopefully it may get resolved soon. I also downloaded the source code this afternoon and will have a look at it – not promising anything as I’ve too many other commitments just at the moment.

Other Usability Issues

During my mass installation yesterday I noticed a number of other minor usability issues. I prefer to avoid using a mouse where possible, as I find the keyboard much more efficient. A number of applications don’t have accessor keys associated with all options/buttons (such as the Sound Preferences Window, the Mute button).

Some applications when displaying a pop-up dialog, they don’t give automatic focus to that new pop-up dialog, e.g. KWalletManager when adding a new password to store, the window to accept the details doesn’t take the focus.

Finally I was experimenting with assigning some custom short-cut keys. However it was immediately obvious how to set the shortcut. I managed to stumbled across this by clicking the command and then pressing the shortcut option. I’d spent sometime incorrectly playing with the Add… button.

All very minor issues, but all very minor solutions as well.

Installing OpenOffice 3.2

Required installation of Java Runtime:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts

A slight issue I had was working out how to accept the license agreement, Turns out you need to press the key and then the key.

Then it was just a case of downloading the .deb file from OpenOffice website and extracting the debs files.

Installing a Twitter Client

Tried out gwibber after hearing good things, but could get to grips with it all. Reverted back to Tweetdeck, but the intellisense for writing replies and direct messages doesn’t appear to be working, so it may not last too long.

Installing an ‘Offline’ Blogger Client

Firstly started with KBlogger, but then found this impossible to configure. It wasn’t obvious when the application was performing an action – all buttons remained enabled, and there were no example entries next to the textboxes to add set-up.

Gave up and now using Drivel, which seems pretty good, if somewhat basic. Got help setting it up from this article: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/blogging-from-ubuntu-using-drivel.html

I can’t understand why the wordpress.com setup can’t be simplified.


The majority of stuff seems to be running ‘ok’. Hopefully just a few teething problems. I’ll perceive for now. I do like the really fast start-up time though. Tonight leaves me looking to install NetBeans for some development work.

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