Java – Where to Start

Ok, so I’ve just accepted a new job and potentially the biggest change will be moving from .NET to Java. Java is always a programming language that I’ve wanted to get more familar with, and despite ‘dabbling’ in the occasional project, I’ve never read had the opportunity to get really stuck into it and learn it properly. I guess my opportunity has finally arrived.

So, where to begin. There are so many resources out there for Java, so I’ve started to add a few RSS Feeds to monitor. However the majority of those appear to be at too high a level for someone like myself at this moment in time.

I’ve also picked up a book from the library – in particular ‘Java – How to Program’ by Deital (linky to Amazon) which covers the 5th edition of Java – I understand Java is now at version 6? So far the book seems pretty good, but I’m only going over the basics of the syntax of the language which doesn’t appear to dissimilar from C# or C++ (as expected, especially from my experience from dabbling with it in the past). Another book is on order and should be being delivered today – ‘Java Complete Reference (7th Edition) by Herbert Schildt’ (linky to Amazon).

Finally I’m going to start looking at some of the beginners forums on the Internet and start answering some questions. Over the next few days, I’m going to post those answers here, without reference to the original posters, just so I can easily access the code in case I come up against similar problems in the future. I’m also planning on finding out my own solution to questions already answered.

If any readers have any advice on how to get more Java information or good resources, please let me know. There are also so many technologies that I’m unfamilar with (Hibernate, Faces, Swing, etc…), even a list of the ones really required would be good, or an order in which to tackle them?! I’m at a difficult stage in that I’m not certain of what I’ll be doing in my new role project wise, but getting as much learning in before arriving must be a good thing!

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