Off Campus Support (Citrix) & Ubuntu

Ok, so I’m still persevering with my decision to run Linux (Ubuntu) at home. I came up against an issue with my University’s off-campus support. Fortunately one of the linux guys at work was happy enough to waste a morning playing around to point me in the right direction.

Our off-campus pages are kind enough to point you in the direction for the Citrix download, which I did, and then followed the simple installation wizard. All good so far. However, after logging in – and then clicking the Off Campus logo, nothing happened. Zilch.

So I uninstalled it.

Found out I needed to get the Open Motif dependency, which is available from the System->Admin->Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu. (Search for ‘open motif’, the space is important! I think it is also named something like openmotif3.) Install that.

Then download the latest Citrix client (I tried version 9, and got the same behaviour. At time of writing the latest version was 11). Link for latest client:

And lo and behold it works. Admittedly I’ve only briefly used Outlook, and the drawing of the application was poor. However minimize and restore seemed to cure it on a short-term basis. I’ll probably report back if I find a solution to that as well.

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