k3b on Ubuntu – Mp3 Ripping Support

ubuntu-logo Spent most of today trying to clear a desk of music CDs that needed ripping to my music collection on my PC. With my recent move to Ubuntu this was a lesson and a half on the differences between Windows and Linux.

Ubuntu doesn’t ship with MP3 encoders due to licensing issues, and hence the end user needs to install them.

Having been all round the houses, I ended up running this command from the terminal window:

sudo aptitude install lame

This got the ripping facility in k3b working, although I had run numerous other commands before hand which may have an effect. Would be interesting to hear if this solves problems for others.

k3b looks good though, and will definately be using it from now on after finally getting it up and running.

One thought on “k3b on Ubuntu – Mp3 Ripping Support

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